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Accountability in Action is the monthly newsletter of the One World Trust, with updates about our work and issues related to global governance. Sign up to our newsletter using the green button at the lower left.



The most recent issues of Accountability in Action are available below:


September 2010 - Spotlight:  Pushing for Greater Accountability in Policy Relevant Research Organisations


July 2010 - Spotlight: Self Regulation in Civil Society: Context is Key


March 2010 - Spotlight: Time for a constructive push: addressing accountability in NGO advocacy


February 2010 - Spotlight: Science, innovation and politics: regulating GM crops in India


January 2010 - Spotlight: CSO accountability in the Commonwealth 


November - December 2009 - Spotlight: Science, politics and accountability: risk and opportunity


October 2009 - Spotlight: Beyond reach? Realising accountability in climate change governance


September 2009 - Spotlight: Sovereignty in an Interconnected World: Germany and the Lisbon Treaty


June 2009 - Spotlilght: Launch of CSO Self-regulatory Initiatives Project global map and briefing paper


April 2009 - Spotlight: Parliamentary oversight of the G20 programme of work


March 2009 - Spotlight: Accountable Lobbying of Parliament


December 2008 - Spotlight: 2008 Global Accountability Report


To view previous issues of Accountability in Action from 2005-2008, please click here.

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